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Dreaming of Prague: The City's Place Amongst the Stars

July 25, 2016 | Mark Iandolo

According to legend, Prague was founded in the 8th century when Czech prophetess Libuše, peering out from a rocky cliff high above the Vltava River, proclaimed: "I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars." A thousand years and a thousand spires later, that prophecy proved true.

The seat of Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Bohemia. The home of one of the most photographed bridges in existence, a fabled old town square and a fairytale castle. Built along a picturesque European river – among meadows and trees as the country's national anthem says. Prague has it all, and the following photographs are my representations of its beauty in reaching for those stars.

"As The Saints Sleep"

When in Prague, a sunrise on Charles Bridge is not to be missed. Built in the 1300s by the famous Charles the IV, who helped turn Prague into the city it is today, Charles Bridge includes 30 statues of various important saints.

"Christmas in Prague"

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic center of Prague lights up for Christmas during the month of December. The tree, massive in its own right, is still dwarfed by one of the most stunning churches I've ever seen, the Church of Our Lady before Týn.

"Christmas Below the Spires"

Prague is known as the city of a thousand spires because of the way the skyline seems endlessly dotted with spires reaching upwards. Here, just below a few of these spires, hundreds of people gather to enjoy the Christmas festivities.

"The Path to Fairy Tales"

A city vehicle makes its way across Charles Bridge through the crowds of people as night descends upon Prague. In the distance, the largest castle in the world turns its lights on for the night – and thousands of tourists and residents all over the city stop and stare at the castle's fairytale-like St. Vitus Cathedral.

"City of a Thousand Spires"

The defining shot of Prague may just be this panoramic view from Letna Park. When the sun sets just right, as it did here, the entire city is cast in beautiful, golden light. A fitting sunset for a fitting city, and standing in this spot watching it, you know Libuše was right.


I recently went through my photo archives and immediately got lost in a day dream about the Czech capital, so I thought I'd share with you three reasons why I love the city.

1. Prague lives up to its epic nicknames

"The Mother of Cities" --- "The Heart of Europe" --- "The City of a Thousand Spires" --- "The Golden City"

2. Prague seems like it came straight from the pages of a fairy tale

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3. Prague feels like an epicenter of romance, like it was crafted to be the main setting in a classic love story

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