A waterfall cascades off the cliffs of Kilt Rock on of the Isle of Skye.

“Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.”

Leonardo DiCaprio closed his Oscar-winning speech with these words last February. And recently, he released a National Geographic documentary on climate change.

If you’ve followed my photos over the past year, you know that I like architecture. Almost every one of my photos includes a manmade structure of some kind. In an effort to change that and focus more on nature photography, I visited Scotland and Iceland and, throughout the next few months, I’ll be posting the photos. Photos of volcanic crags and the great glens of the Scottish Highlands. Photos of the otherworldly waterfalls, glaciers and lava fields of Iceland.

First up: the Isle of Skye. What a name! It summons up all sorts of romantic visions of what a Scottish landscape would look like. And let me tell you, the island lives up to those dreams. In this photo, a waterfall cascades off what looks like the edge of the world.

I admittedly have seen only a few of the landscapes of this great Earth. I’ve yet to marvel at Yosemite Valley or Zion in my own home country. I’ve yet to wander the rainforests of South America or Indonesia. I’ve yet to stare wide-eyed at a bounding cheetah making its way across a seemingly endless savannah in Africa.

But there’s time for those yet. At least, I hope there will be. As someone trying to capture the Earth’s beauty, I need to learn more about the Earth’s potential enemy: climate change.

I admittedly am not an expert, but I’m pledging to learn more about our environment, our climate and our earth. I humbly ask you do to the same.

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