A fiery sunset erupts over Prague, providing a majestic backdrop to the bridges and spires of the Golden City.

According to legend, Prague was founded in the 8th century when Czech prophetess Libuše, peering out from a rocky cliff high above the Vltava River, proclaimed: “I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars.” A thousand years and a thousand spires later, that prophecy proved true.

The seat of Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Bohemia. The home of one of the most photographed bridges in existence, a fabled old town square and a fairytale castle. Built along a picturesque European river – among meadows and trees as the country’s national anthem says.

The defining shot of Prague may just be this view of the bridges and spires from Letna Park. When the sun sets just right, as it did here, the entire city is cast in beautiful, golden light. A fitting sunset for a fitting city, and standing in this spot watching it, you know Libuše was right.

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