Colors of the Sea and Sky

A close-up view of Bruarfoss, a waterfall with water so blue it’d make the Caribbean jealous.

In color psychology, blue represents both the sky and the sea. While some of its shades come across as cold or uncaring, blue is often associated with open spaces, freedom, imagination, expansiveness and inspiration. And that’s the more relevant definition here, because those words are basically everything we associate with nature.

The color blue also has positive effects on the mind and body; we all love to look up at a bright blue sky and feel the calm wash over our bodies. Not all blues represent serenity, however; electric or vivid blues can become dynamic and dramatic, expressing a sort of exhilaration.

The vibrant blue water, cascading so brilliantly through Bruarfoss, is thus a metaphor for Iceland. Open, free, expansive. Inspirational and calming. Yet dynamic and dramatic.

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