I stood at the window of my hotel room and stared out into the distance. There, framed beneath a dramatic gray sky, three lochs and the Kintail Mountains, was Eilean Donan Castle. As I gazed upon the fairytale scene, a song I recently heard popped into my head.

“I… I will be king. And you… you will be queen.”

These are the opening words of Heroes by David Bowie, though I actually prefer the Peter Gabriel cover version. The song builds to a crescendo in a way all my favorites do – telling a story and invoking a sense of wonder.

“I… I can remember…

Standing… Standing by the wall.

And the guns… shot above our heard.

And we kiss… as though nothing could fall.

And the shame… the shame was on the other side.

And we could beat them… forever and ever.

And we could be heroes… just for one day.”

An hour later, I watched dusk fall and the lights of Eilean Donan Castle rise to meet it. The blues and yellows mixed wonderfully together in a crescendo fit for a story. As Peter Gabriel’s cover played through my headphones, I imagined a king and queen in that castle, believing they could be heroes.

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