Northern Lights encircle Vestrahorn and reflect in the water below, creating a ring around the ancient mountain range.

The northern lights are a phenomenon you need to experience at least once in life. There’s nothing quite like standing under the star-filled night sky, watching the auroras shimmer and sway with the grace of a skillful dancer.

If you’re like me, experiencing the northern lights can make you want to study the science. To learn about the collision between particles in the Earth’s magnetosphere and solar winds shot straight from the sun.

And maybe, experiencing the lights can make you seek out ancient mythologies. To read about Native Americans who thought the auroras were the spirits of great hunters or Norsemen who believed them to be the bridge to Asgard.

And finally, experiencing the lights can make you want to become an “aurora hunter.” To pursue their shifting, changing, ethereal beauty all around the world, from Iceland to Norway to Canada to Alaska.

But even if you’re not like me and they don’t induce these thoughts of sun-shot plasma, inter-dimensional bridges, or aurora-hunting professions, you still need to experience the phenomenon least once. And if you get that experience, I have no doubt the Northern Lights will enrapture you.

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