In the Western Scottish Highlands, on a small tidal island where three lochs meet, rests Eilean Donan Castle. Its picturesque nature is matched by only a few castles the world over.

In the film Highlander, which included a scene filmed at the keep, Connor McLeod announced, “there can be only one.” He spoke of immortal beings (or something. I’ve never seen the cult classic). But his statement holds true for Eilean Donan itself.

I spent two days near the keep hunting for the perfect photograph. I shot it during bleak gray days, blue sky afternoons, soft golden hours and dramatic twilights. I sought the right reflections, I sought the right light, I sought the right angle. All in an effort to do the castle artistic justice, to create photos that matched the castle’s beauty and storied history.

I’m not the only one who’s tried. You can find thousands of photos of the castle online. It’s also a popular location for films, TV, advertisements, fashion shoots and music videos. McLeod went to battle there in the aforementioned Highlander. Scotland’s MI6 called Eilean Donan home in The World Is Not Enough. Ted Danson apparently starred in a Nessie movie that included the fortress.

All of us trying to capture the beauty of Eilean Donan Castle. In picture or motion picture. But honestly, when it comes to the best views of the keep, “there can be only one.” And that would be an in-person view.

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